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How to Treat Dark Skin for Acne

How to Treat Dark Skin for Acne How to Treat Dark Skin for Acne How to Treat Dark Skin for Acne


Treating dark skin for acne presents a problem because dark skin contains more melanin that light skin. Melanin is the substance that gives skin its color. When the skin becomes irritated, melanin may cause the skin to darken. This makes dark skin more sensitive to many of the products commonly used to treat acne because of the irritation that occurs during use. In addition to these sensitivities, dark skin is more prone to acne complications such as scarring and skin discoloration.

Step 1

Clean the acne-prone area with a non-drying, gentle cleaner. Do this no more than twice a day as more frequent washing can worsen acne. Be sure to reserve one washing for just before bed. If you exercise, one washing should be done after your workout.

Step 2

Keep your hair clean and oil-free with frequent washings. Pomade and other oil-based hair care products can make acne worse. If you must apply pomade to your hair, keep your hair off the acne-prone area.

Step 3

Apply a salicylic acid-based acne treatment. While benzoyl peroxide is another popular active ingredient in over-the-counter acne treatments, there is a chance that it may discolor dark skin.

Step 4

Wear only non-comedogenic products, which are products that have been proven to not clog skin pores. This includes moisturizers and sunscreens. If your skin is severely dry and has an ash-like appearance, you may be tempted to use a heavy moisturizer, but this can actually worsen acne.

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