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How to Remove Dark & Discolored Skin at Home

How to Remove Dark & Discolored Skin at Home How to Remove Dark & Discolored Skin at Home How to Remove Dark & Discolored Skin at Home


Dark and discolored skin can be caused by a number of factors, including scars, ingrown hairs and changes in pigmentation. While dark or discolored spots or patches of skin can be irritating and embarrassing, there are some natural home remedies that can help according to Julia Lawless, author of "The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils: The Complete Guide to the Use of Aromatic Oils in Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Health and Well-Being," and Susan Worwood, author of "Essential Aromatherapy: A Pocket Guide to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy." The application of essential oils has not been clinically tested for efficacy or safety, so consult your physician if you have concerns about their use.

Step 1

Mix ½ tsp. lavandin essential oil, ½ tsp. white camphor essential oil, ½ tsp. tolu balsam essential oil, ½ tsp. lemon essential oil, ½ tsp. mandarin essential oil, ¼ tsp. rosemary essential oil, ¼ tsp. sandalwood essential oil, ¼ tsp. litsea cubeba essential oil, ¼ tsp. tea tree essential oil and 1 cup olive oil in a small bottle with a tight-fitting top.

Step 2

Cover the bottle and shake it gently for 10 to 15 seconds to combine the essential oils and olive oil.

Step 3

Pour a small amount of the mixture onto a clean cotton pad. Allow the cotton pad to soak up the oil for one to two minutes.

Step 4

Wipe the cotton pad on the dark or discolored areas of skin. Let the oil remain on your skin for 10 minutes after application.

Step 5

Rinse your skin with lukewarm water and wash with a very gentle cleanser. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel and apply a light, oil-free moisturizer.

Step 6

Use this treatment only once per day in the evening. Stop using the essential oil mixture if it causes any sort of irritation, redness or swelling.

Step 7

Store unused portions of the essential oil mixture in the refrigerator for 60 days. Throw it away after 60 days if you have not used it all.

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