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How to Get Rid of Brown Marks

How to Get Rid of Brown Marks How to Get Rid of Brown Marks How to Get Rid of Brown Marks


Brown marks on the skin could have any number of causes. They could be age spots from sun exposure or spots left by acne. You could have hyperpigmentation from an old injury, a birth mark or malasma, a type of skin darkening that can happen during pregnancy. Regardless of the cause, there are ways to get rid of one or more brown marks. If a dark spot changes in size, shape, color or feel, though, see your dermatologist.

Step 1

Put on sunscreen before venturing outside. Using a sunblock will prevent your brown marks from darkening and prevent new age spots from forming.

Step 2

Apply bleaching cream to your brown marks. Use a mild formulation to get the best results. Over-the-counter hydroquinone, for example, is available in only a 2 percent concentration to prevent permanent skin damage. Dab the cream on your marks consistently for several weeks.

Step 3

Talk with your dermatologist about liquid nitrogen treatment. Your doctor will dab the liquid nitrogen on your brown spots to essentially burn them off. This is only effective on small marks such as age spots and could cause scarring.

Step 4

Undergo a chemical peel. Your dermatologist will apply an acid derived from fruit, which will exfoliate the upper layer of skin to reveal a fresher layer underneath, according to the TeensHealth website. After the treatment, your skin will be red and irritated for a few days.

Step 5

Undergo dermabrasion. This procedure helps to "refinish" the top layer of skin via a method of controlled surgical scraping, according to, a website sponsored by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This will cause peeling and inflammation, as well as possible scabbing. Post-treatment care is essential for proper healing.

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