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How to Treat Cracked Skin on the Feet

How to Treat Cracked Skin on the Feet How to Treat Cracked Skin on the Feet


Cracked skin on the feet is the result of dry skin and calluses caused by stress to the feet, according to It is a common problem that is not serious, but can be painful. explains that cracks in the feet are called fissures in the medical field. Treating the condition requires sloughing off the dried skin and replenishing the moisture to the skin.

Step 1

Soak feet in moderately warm water in the bathtub for about 20 minutes. Rub the dry patches of the foot with a pumice stone until it is smooth. Pat the feet dry after the bath.

Step 2

Slather a generous amount of petroleum jelly over the feet and cover with socks. This step works well if it is done before bed, but it can be done at any time. suggests applying a thick moisturizer at least two times per day.

Step 3

Seal minor, superficial fissures of the foot with a small amount of superglue. reports that this can reduce pain in the feet from activity.

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