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How to Rebuild Collagen

How to Rebuild Collagen How to Rebuild Collagen


Collagen is the basis for why your skin looks the way it does. Essentially a protein, collagen helps to hold skin cells together like a net. Although our bodies constantly produce collagen, as we age, we produce less and less of it, thus our skin begins to lose its youthful appeal as the collagen net begins to break down. But there are some remedies for rebuilding collagen, and not all have to do with drugs and injections.

Step 1

Use sunscreen. Not because it increases the body's production of collagen, but rather, it helps stop the damage that the sun is doing to the skin. It's a good first step, if only for maintenance purposes.

Step 2

Stop free radicals (the very things that cause us to look older) through a combination of vitamins C and E. These vitamins are readily abundant in fruits and vegetables, however you can also purchase them in supplement form. These two vitamins have also been shown to help increase production of collagen. In fact, a 1981 study done by Cellular Therapy Specialist Linus Pauling showed that the ingestion of vitamin C showed as much as an eight times increase over previous collagen production in some study patients.

Step 3

Use a skin cream with retinol, which is one of the most useful forms of vitamin A. While over the past century, retinol was typically associated with eye function and vision (thus the name), today retinol has taken on new prominence as a builder of collagen production. Retinol is so useful because it is small enough to get down in the pores, under the skin and work on the affected area. One word of caution with retinol, and it may not be a consideration when applied in lotion form, but there is some link to osteoporosis.

Step 4

Get a collagen implant. The most common form of collagen implant is bovine (yes, from cows). The collagen is injected directly under the skin into the dermal layers to augment the soft tissue. The FDA currently has approved standards for what types and how much collagen is acceptable for implantation.

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