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Collagen Products for the Face

Collagen Products for the Face Collagen Products for the Face Collagen Products for the Face

Collagen helps to support the skin. As people age, their bodies produce less collagen. As a result, the skin begins to experience less elasticity, which results in increased aging lines and/or wrinkles. As the Baby Boomer generation experiences signs of collagen loss, a plethora of collagen products are available in the marketplace that can help with this anti-aging concern.

Collagen Serum

Those worried about aging can purchase a collagen product in serum form to apply every day. This type of product is known to help smooth, tone, firm and lift the skin. Collagen serum is usually mixed with other ingredients to provide a mixture of skin protection (as in a sunscreen) and anti-aging properties. Some of these serums use natural plant-based collagen to provide the greatest skin health benefits cites the Slimming Solutions site. It is the collagen in these serums that helps to nourish and plump the skin.

Collagen Cleansers

One way to take care of the skin is to start and finish they day by using a collagen-based cleanser in a skin care program. Instead of using harsh soaps, a collagen-based cleanser can help keep the skin moisturized while also keeping it supple. When mixed with other ingredients, such as seaweed, a cleanser can help to remove any toxins from the skin. Know, however, that the "plumping" effect of collagen is lessened in cleansers than other type of skin care.

Collagen Creams

Collagen creams are popular anti-aging products for the face. Creams can be massaged into previously cleansed skin and left on all day. The collagen in the cream helps to replenish lost collagen levels that occur naturally in the body as people age. Many creams manufacturers state users can see a noticeable difference within two weeks of using the product. Creams are commonly applied prior to going to bed and make an "ideal night cream" according to Makeup USA.


There are a variety of colored make-up foundations containing collagen. These anti-aging formulas are meant to replenish lost collagen while also providing an even-colored skin tone. Most major cosmetics manufacturers have an anti-aging line that contains collagen.


If individuals are not fond of putting topical products on their face (as in creams, lotions or ointments), taking collagen in the form of a capsule may suit them. There are a variety of collagen supplements that people can buy. Taking these supplements can help with improving your overall skin tone, resulting in a healthier-looking complexion. Collagen supplements can also reduce any wrinkles or fine lines by plumping up (or out) the skin cites Slimming Solutions. Getting collagen in the form of a capsule can help to reduce crows feet, lines around the nose (known as nasal labial lines), and any frown lines. These supplements need to be included as part of a daily skin care routine. In addition to helping the skin, collagen supplements can improve the hair, nail and joint health cites Slimming Solutions.

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