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Redness From Chapped Lips

Redness From Chapped Lips Redness From Chapped Lips Redness From Chapped Lips


A chapped lip, also referred to as cheilitis, is a minor condition affecting the mouth. Redness from chapped lips may occur in the winter or summer months and in individuals of all ages. The condition is easily treated and prevented with simple lip protection and by decreasing aggravating factors.


Some medications such as phenothiazine, high doses of vitamin A and lithium may cause a chapping and redness of the lips. Individuals with a vitamin deficiency, dehydration or a fever may also experience chapped lips.

Risk Factors

Children have a greater risk of developing chapped lips over adults because of the tendency of kids licking their lips, especially children between the ages of 7 and 15, according to the Skinsight website. Individuals who wear poor fitting dentures that do not open the jaw efficiently may have an increased risk of developing chapped skin at the corners of the mouth.


The area of skin surrounding the lips may become swollen and red when the lips are chapped. The lips may also have scaling and fissure formation. Chapped lips may also cause pain and a burning or stinging sensation for the individual.


Treating redness caused by chapped lips includes using a lip balm to soothe and protect the skin. Using a beeswax or petrolatum-based balm without a flavor is best because flavored balms may encourage a person to lick his lips and worsen the condition, according to the Mayo Clinic. Drinking plenty of fluids may also help soothe the reddened lips.


To prevent redness on the lips, a person should avoid environments that can cause chapped lips such as excessive exposure to the sun and to cold, dry weather. Applying sunscreen or a lip balm to the lips before exposure to a harsh environment may help prevent the chapping. During the winter months, using a humidifier to moisten the air may help stop redness around the lips.

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