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Andropause - definition, causes, symptoms, prevention, testing, treatments, evolution Andropause - definition, causes, symptoms, prevention, testing, treatments, evolution Andropause - definition, causes, symptoms, prevention, testing, treatments, evolution

 Andropause: definition

Called andropause period during which, between 50 and 70 years, male hormones decline gradually in men, causing any problems with biological and psychological. The term andropause seems unsuitable as it echoes that of menopause while the process is slower and less universal. Indeed, the secretion of androgens never stops completely, and some men remain fertile into old age. The reality of male menopause is a subject of debate among experts.Some endocrinologists, half the men of fifty years with symptoms that would warrant an hormonal treatment. But according to other medical specialists, the actual existence of andropause should be questioned, the problems observed could simply raise the age - or even a decrease in libido in postmenopausal partner. The challenge of the huge commercial market related to the andropause - an estimated 30% in their fifties and up to 50% of those over 65 years would be involved - adds to the confusion.Fortunately, the medical community is interested more in the andropause and the current investigation in gerontology should lead to reliable conclusions soon.

Andropause: causes

The decline in testosterone production is the source of andropause. It is very progressive, unlike the fall of the radical hormonal menopausal women. It begins at thirty, is growing 10% every decade and lasts until death.

Andropause: symptoms

The symptoms of andropause occur very gradually:

- Sexual signs: impaired libido, erectile difficulties.

- Morphological signs: loss of muscle mass and strength, increased abdominal fat, decreased body hair and testicular volume, osteoporosis, hearing loss, thinning and dry skin.

- Functional signs: asthenia, fatigue, night sweating, hot flashes, insomnia, increased sleep apnea, loss of energy and physical agility, urinary disorders (which may yet recover from a prostate problem typical of this age) .

- Neuropsychiatric disorders: difficulty concentrating, lack of confidence, irritability, indifference, impaired recent memory.

Andropause: Prevention

The decline in hormone production is related to age and therefore there is nothing to prevent the onset of andropause. A healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, regular exercise, weight control ...) will always be an asset in facing the symptoms.

Andropause: review

A blood test for the determination of testosterone deficiency. A testosterone level below 350 nanograms per deciliter is critical.

Andropause: Treatments

Treatment consists of additional testosterone injection, gel, patch or cartridge located. This contribution would exert favorable effects on the vascular system, reduce abdominal fat and increase muscle and bone mass. But it is a fairly new area and the data have not been scientifically verified. Most serious scholars remain cautious and will not prescribe these hormones in daily practice as studies have not identified both the effectiveness and side effects of such treatment. In any case, the assay is sensitive and requires medical supervision, as an excess of testosterone may have effects unpleasant and even dangerous (encouraging the filling of the arteries or the growth of prostate cancer go unnoticed).

Andropause: Evolution

Andropause progresses to infertility.

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