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About Black Head Removing Tools

About Black Head Removing Tools About Black Head Removing Tools About Black Head Removing Tools


According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), blackheads--also called comedomes--are minuscule dark spots caused by a tiny plug in the cavity of a pore in the skin. Blackhead removal is a delicate process that can lead to an infection if not performed safely. There are several methods and tools available to remove blackheads from your skin.

Steam & Hot Compresses

Before you attempt to use any blackhead removal methods,  suggests opening your pores with steam or heat. If you place a hot, moist washcloth over your skin for three to five minutes, it can help loosen the blockage.

Pore Strips

There are several brands of pore strips (Biore, Ponds) available at your local drug store. They are typically applied to wet skin and left on to dry. Once the moisture has evaporated, they are gently removed from the skin. The dirt and other material from the blackhead is supposed to transfer onto the strip.

Comedone Extractor with Lancet

This blackhead removal device has two ends, according to Removing Blackheads One end is the lancet (scalpel) to make a hole in the blackhead and the other end is to excrete the dirt from the blemish. The extractor end has one small loop. Sterilize the device with alcohol before using it. To use this device, center the thin, angled loop over the whitehead or blackhead and gently push down with even pressure to squeeze out the blackhead material.

Double Spoon Comedone Extractor says the double spoon extractor is helpful for larger blackheads. This extractor has an end that is shaped like a spoon with numerous holes for removing small blackheads. Sterilize it with alcohol, then place it directly over the blackhead and apply light pressure until the blackhead is forced out through the pore.

Fine Loop Extractors

The fine loop extractor works in a similar fashion to the other extractors, but it has very fine loop ends to more precisely pinpoint and extract blackheads with little disturbance to nearby pores.This type of extractor can be used for blackheads as well as whiteheads.

Gloves or Clean Cloth

Pioneering says if you plan to squeeze a blackhead by hand, be sure to wear soft gloves or use a clean tissue or cloth when applying pressure. Your fingernails could leave a red mark on your skin or cause an infection.


Blackheads tend to form when excess oil gathers in your pores. The use of a gentle facial exfoliant once or twice a week will remove dead skin and other impurities that can clog pores and lock in oil. Also, use an oil-free moisturizer and use noncomedogenic cosmetics--products that do not block pores.

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