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How to Reduce Acne Overnight

How to Reduce Acne Overnight How to Reduce Acne Overnight How to Reduce Acne Overnight


Acne is a problem that affects nearly everyone at one time, and appears on the back, chest and face. It is these areas that have the thickest sebaceous glands, which when overstimulated or infected form acne. Causes of acne are blocked pores, genetics, bacteria and even some medications. If left untreated, acne can become unsightly. But there are methods that are capable of reducing acne overnight.

Step 1

Add 4 tbsp. of turmeric powder to 4 tbsp. of raw honey and 1 tbsp. of milk in a clean bowl and stir until the mixture turns into a paste. Add more turmeric powder if needed. Put the mixture in your fridge to cool.

Step 2

Take a hot shower for 15-20 minutes to prepare and soften your skin. Use a mild moisturizing bath soap or shower gel. Avoid soaps such as antibacterial and glycerin soaps. These soaps can dry your skin and reduce the effectiveness of this treatment.

Step 3

Apply a hot washcloth directly to the parts of your skin affected by acne. While still in the shower, turn the hot water faucet on (not the shower knob) and rinse the cloth with hot water as hot as your hands can stand. Fold the washcloth and apply it directly to the affected areas for five minutes. Run the cloth under hot water once it starts to cool and repeat the process for about 5 minutes. The application of direct heat will bring the pus to the outermost layer of your skin. Finish your shower afterward and pat dry with a clean towel.

Step 4

Towel dry your skin and apply the turmeric mixture after showering. Use your fingers to apply the turmeric paste to the affected areas and massage for about 10 minutes. Let the mixture dry overnight. The turmeric will dry and firm up your skin, reducing the size of the acne. Rinse the mixture off your skin in the morning. Turmeric will stain clothes and bedsheets so use old pajamas and bedsheets.

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