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How to Use Proactiv Correctly

How to Use Proactiv Correctly How to Use Proactiv Correctly


Proactiv is a three-step acne treatment developed by dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, and first marketed in 1995. Proactiv contains 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide, which, according to, is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent that will dry up acne on the surface of the skin. Proactiv acne treatments are available online and at kiosks in shopping centers. Approximately 5 percent of people are allergic to benzoyl peroxide, so the Proactiv product line offers a salicylic-based formula as well.

Step 1

Pull your hair back from your face and hold it there with a headband or hair clips. This is not mandatory, but it's much easier to wash your face if your hair isn't in the way.

Step 2

Wet your face with warm water---not too hot or too cold, or you will irritate your skin.

Step 3

Pour a little bit of Proactiv Renewing Cleanser onto your fingertips. You don't need much, just a spot about the size of a nickel or dime.

Step 4

Massage the cleanser into your skin using small, circular motions. Don't scrub: Just gently rub for about a minute, staying away from your eyes.

Step 5

Pat your face dry with a clean towel. Terrycloth is rough and can irritate skin, so don't rub your face with it.

Step 6

Wet a clean cotton ball with Proactiv Revitalizing Toner and apply it to your face in gentle, sweeping motions. Pay special attention to the places where acne seems to congregate. Be gentle.

Step 7

Let your skin dry without using a towel. This might take a minute or two, but you can fan your face with your hands if you're in a hurry.

Step 8

Dot a jelly bean-size bit of Proactiv Repairing Lotion onto your fingertips and spread it carefully over your face with your fingers. Keep working at it gently until your skin has absorbed all of it.

Step 9

Wash your face, use the toner and apply the repairing lotion every morning when you get up and each night just before bed. Skipping a day or using the products in the wrong order, or using some and not others, will cut down on how well it will work.

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