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The Best Rated Libido Gels

The Best Rated Libido Gels The Best Rated Libido Gels

It's never been easier to enhance your sexual experience, thanks to a number of libido-enhancing gels available over-the-counter. These gels are largely designed for women and are applied directly to the clitoris, while some are effective for men, as well. Most contain natural ingredients that have a stimulating effect, thereby resulting in higher sensitivity and more intense orgasms. The best-rated libido gels can be ordered online or found in some pharmacies.


This product is light and edible, providing an instant heightening of feeling. Vigorelle is made from botanical ingredients such as damiana leaf, mild yam and motherwort. Because it is all-natural, irritation is not likely, though some users report a slight itching immediately following application. Though Vigorelle is not marketed as a personal lubricant, it does provide additional moisture that can make the sexual experience more pleasing.


Women who experience diminished sexual pleasure due to vaginal dryness might benefit from Hersolution. This gel provides the lubrication necessary for a comfortable sexual experience. It also dilates the blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow and creating more intense sexual sensations. Some women report an increased sexual urge, as well. Ingredients include butters, vitamins and herbs.

Maxoderm Connection

This product offers sexual enhancement for both women and men by heightening the physical sensation of the sex organs. Maxoderm Connection can be applied directly to all intimate areas, delivering an immediate increase in sensitivity. The tandem effect of this libido enhancer offers a more equal sexual experience for couples.

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