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Boiron Remedies

Boiron Remedies Boiron Remedies Boiron Remedies

Boiron remedies are homeopathic preparations produced by the Boiron Company. Founded in France in 1932 by pharmacists and twin brothers, Jean and Henri Boiron, the company launched its North American operations in 1983 in Pennsylvania, which still serves as the corporate headquarters for Boiron USA. Today, Boiron has distribution centers in more than 80 countries throughout North and South America, Europe and Africa.

Award-Winning Remedies

Some Boiron remedies have been recognized as the best or top-selling homeopathic medicines in the natural health industry. For instance, the flu remedy, Oscillococcinum, received an achievement award in 2007 from "Pharmacy Times" magazine. This remedy was also recognized as the best-selling natural cold and flu medicine for eight consecutive years by "Vitamin Retailer" magazine, while Boiron's Arnica pellets placed first in homeopathic remedies for three years in a row. In 2010, Boiron's Arnicare Cream was chosen as one of the best natural beauty products by "Better Nutrition" magazine.

Pediatric Remedies

Several remedies are available for children to treat cough, colds and flu, teething, colic and allergies. Cough and cold remedies contain a combination of materials that help to expectorate mucous, such as Coccus cacti, Antimonium tartaricum, Pulsatilla, Rumex crispus, Nux vomica and Belladonna. Allergy remedies contain Histaminum hydrochloricum, Allium cepa and Euphrasia officinalis to help drain nasal passages, while the colic relief remedy is made from Cuprum metallicum and Carbo vegetabilis to ease bloating and abdominal cramps.

Remedies for Women

Boiron remedies for women include products to ease menstrual cramps and symptoms of PMS, or premenstrual syndrome. These products are free of aspirin, ibuprofen and caffeine and, depending on the formula, contain homeopathic dosages of Magnesia phosphorica, Cimicifuga racemosa, Natrum muriaticum, Folliculinum and Colocynthis.

Topical Treatments

Some of the best-selling Boiron remedies are topical treatments that contain homeopathic solutions of Arnica montana to treat minor scrapes, burns and bruises. Remedies to relieve arthritis and joint stiffness combine arnica with other homeopathic agents, such as Pulsatilla, Rhus toxicodendron and Dulcamara.

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