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Natural Home Treatment for Acne

Natural Home Treatment for Acne Natural Home Treatment for Acne


Acne is a broad term used to describe various types of blemishes that occur on the skin, including pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Over-the-counter topical remedies along with dermatological procedures can be used to treat acne. But before you go this route, you may want to try to clear up your skin at home with natural remedies.


Spearmint or peppermint leaves, crushed and applied topically to the skin, may reduce inflammation. Leave the juice and the crushed leaves on the affected area for a minimum of five minutes before rinsing off with cool water. According to, nettle leaves have an anti-inflammatory effect on breakouts. Steep a pinch of the leaves in boiling water for five minutes to make a tea. Flavor with honey or lemon to improve the bitter taste, and then drink the tea.

Popping Pimples

In most cases, you should not squeeze your pimples to get rid of them. However, if the pimple has a yellow center, it may help to pop it. Wash your hands, and then place your fingertips at the base of the pimple. Apply gentle pressure until it pops and the yellow pus oozes out. Immediately wash your face.


A good skin care routine is one of the easiest ways to treat acne at home naturally. Wash your face twice a day with a mild cleansing agent. Daily face washing removes oils and dirt that may clog the pores. Never scrub your face; that irritates the skin and may worsen a breakout.


According to the "Doctors Book of Home Remedies," eating less chocolate does not get rid of pimples. Your sex life also does not affect the number of breakouts you experience.


Stop using a herbal remedy if you experience any unwanted side effects. Mint may cause skin irritation in some individuals. Nettle is a diuretic and is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. It may also bring about stomach irritation when ingested.

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