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How to Get Rid of Stretchmarks Fast

How to Get Rid of Stretchmarks Fast How to Get Rid of Stretchmarks Fast How to Get Rid of Stretchmarks Fast


Pregnancy, weight gain and other factors cause stretch marks. These marks are usually pink, purple or red in color and appear in a variety of locations, such as the chest, thighs, abdomen and arms. For many people, stretch marks are embarrassing and stressful. The fastest way to get rid of stretch marks depends on a variety of factors, including stretch mark age, desired results and your budget.

Step 1

Request an appointment with a licensed dermatologist. These professionals typically offer the quickest and most effective treatment options. Over-the-counter options, such as cocoa butter or vitamin E aren't harmful, but aren't proven to reduce stretch marks quickly, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Step 2

Use tretinoin creams for new stretch marks. This treatment is effective for stretch marks that are less than six weeks old. Typically, the marks are still red or pink. The treatment works quickly by stimulating collagen production.

Step 3

Consider pulsed dye laser therapies. This therapy uses light wavelengths to reshape the deeper layers of skin. Collagen is stimulated, making the stretch marks disappear quickly. Pulsed dye laser therapy is highly effective on new stretch marks. Older stretch marks will also benefit from this treatment, but results aren't as good as newer marks.

Step 4

Request microdermabrasion treatments for older scarring. A dermatologist will blow small crystals onto the top layer of skin. This creates a polishing effect, quickly generating new skin growth. Multiple treatments will be needed, but you should see results with each session.

Step 5

Use excimer laser treatments which focus on generating more melanin production in the skin. The treatment works quickly by minimizing the appearance of dark and light streaks on the skin. The stretch marks become similar in color to the surrounding skin, fading scars quickly. Excimer laser treatments are effective for old and new stretch marks.

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