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How to Get Rid of Acne Fast with Honey

How to Get Rid of Acne Fast with Honey How to Get Rid of Acne Fast with Honey


According to "Braun-Falco's Dermatology," honey is unique in its natural antibacterial properties. When honey is coupled with lemon juice, its abilities are intensified because the lemon juice is able to dry up the excess fluid in the acne, allowing the honey to kill the most bacteria. You can make a simple acne treatment at home with honey and lemon juice that can be used overnight to treat acne in only a few days' time.

Step 1

Wash your hands with antibacterial hand soap. According to "Foundations of Nursing," hands that aren't cleansed can spread bacteria to the face, which can cause acne.

Step 2

Splash warm water on your face to dilate your pores, cleanse your face with facial cleanser and then rinse with cool water to constrict your pores. According to "Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice," it is essential to the effectiveness of acne treatments to cleanse skin prior to administering a treatment.

Step 3

Pour 2 tbsp. of honey and 1 tsp. of lemon juice into a bowl. Microwave the bowl for 10 seconds and stir the contents with a spoon until well mixed.

Step 4

Dab a small amount of the honey and lemon juice mixture onto your acne with a clean finger. Cover the area with an adhesive bandage and leave it untouched overnight. According to "Handbook of Dermatology: A Practical Manual," it is necessary to leave the honey and lemon juice mixture on the skin overnight to allow it adequate time to treat the acne.

Step 5

Remove the adhesive bandage gently from your face and remove the honey and lemon juice mixture by cleansing your face with a facial cleanser.

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