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How to Get Rid of Acne ASAP

How to Get Rid of Acne ASAP How to Get Rid of Acne ASAP


If you are one of the 40 to 50 million Americans who, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, suffer from acne, chances are that you want to get rid of the blemishes as soon as possible. No effective overnight treatments exist, but with a proper skin care routine, it is possible to reduce the appearance of acne quickly. Complete healing of acne may take four to eight weeks, or possibly longer, depending upon the severity of the condition.

Step 1

Keep the acne-affected area cool and dry. Sweating and high humidity contribute to acne, notes Medline Plus. If you do sweat, rinse your skin as soon as possible to minimize the irritation the salt and bacteria in sweat produces.

Step 2

Clean your skin once or twice per day with a gentle cleanser. Cleaning more often may lead to irritation and worsen the acne, as will using harsh cleansers. It is acceptable to rinse your skin with plain, lukewarm water between washing if necessary.

Step 3

Apply five percent tea tree oil or over-the-counter acne fighting products to your skin according to the package directions. Any of these products may cause your skin to peel or become red and irritated; however, unless the symptoms are severe, continue treatment as directed. If the symptoms are severe, don't stop using the products. Instead decrease the frequency you apply them.

Step 4

Wash your hair daily if it comes into contact with the area affected by acne. Natural oils and artificial oils, such as those in hair styling products, may clog pores and slow the healing of the acne lesions. Additionally, these products may lead to more acne lesions.

Step 5

Stay out of the sun, as sun exposure may make acne blemishes worse.

Step 6

Place only water-based or non-comedogenic products on the acne prone areas. These products aren't likely to cause or worsen acne. Cosmetics, sunscreen and moisturizers are some of the products that you need to check.

Step 7

Adopt a hands-off policy for the affected areas. Oils and bacteria on your hands, as well as inanimate objects, can slow the healing of acne and may cause the acne to get worse.

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