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Face acne treatments

Face acne treatments Face acne treatments Face acne treatments

 Emotionally, acne can cause widespread effects to all age group but particularly adolescents. It is often the emotional or psychological effects rather than the red spots or disfigured skin which leave the greatest scars. Creams and potions, face peels and masks can be excellent physical cures, but learning to live with yourself can be the hard part.

Since acne is so common in teenage years, the social insecurity amongst teenagers is significant in shaping social activity. For teenagers living through the trauma of acne, it is often difficult to accept the social impacts that acne brings. Spots can be seen as marks of shame, cause depression and even lead to self-pity. Parent of teenagers who face this problem are integral to providing the help a person needs. So as a parent, what can you do?

You can remind your children that acne is a temporary condition - As a guardian or a parent you should be aware of what is happening and give encouragement. You may see them unhappy because of the way in which people criticize or tease. Remember to tell them that acne and poor skin conditioning will not last long and that in time the condition will be cleared up. Continue to explain how important it is to move on and ignore comments despite any negative reaction from other people. Words are not important over time.

Take your teenager to a dermatologist - You should never wait for your teenager’s acne to develop into a problem or get worse. Be proactive and take him or her to see a dermatologist. It is important to do this earlier rather than later. And, you need to use a dermatologist who engenders your trust. Go to see them with your child as they progress through their treatment with their dermatologist.

Guide your teenager or child to be responsible - There are some activities that may make acne worse. Make sure that you are close enough physically and spiritually to be in a position to remind them of their responsibilities. Explain the reasons behind acne and be sure to answer any questions that your teenager has.

Boost your teenager’s self-image - Self-confidence plunges when others mock and tease. The effect on any teenager can be bitter, so as a parent or guardian you really need to be there to counteract the loss of self-esteem he or she faces. Be generous with your praises but do not spoil your child. Tell your teen about how wonderful his or her talent is. This would be a lift to his/her morale.

You are a parent, and you can help your teenager to feel better about themselves even as a person with acne. Remind them that this is just a stage; it will surely come to an end. Be there and support your child like no one else can.

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