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Foundation & Acne Foundation & Acne Foundation & Acne


If you're a woman with acne, you most likely find that foundation makeup, especially liquid types, irritate your skin and make you break out more. But many women want to wear makeup if they have pimples in order to cover their acne lesions. To solve the dilemma, cosmetics manufacturers have developed acne-fighting foundations with ingredients that actually can treat your complexion and help to clear up your pimples. You also can choose products that aren't medicated, but which won't promote pimple formation.

Acne Causes

Most teenagers get some acne, but women tend to suffer from it more than men once they reach adulthood. You can blame your hormones -- hormones trigger the excess oil production in your skin that clogs your pores, leading to pimples, according to Once your skin's pores are clogged, bacteria can grow more easily, worsening your skin condition.

Product Types

Women wear foundation makeup to hide skin flaws and make their skin tone more even. However, in order to accomplish this, many foundations start with heavy oil bases -- and oil bases in foundations promote pimple formation, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. To avoid this problem, choose a foundation without oil in it. Products labeled "non-comedogenic" or "non-acnegenic" will not cause your skin to break out more.

Medicated Products

If you really want to fight your pimples all day long, you can choose a foundation with a medicated base, according to the AAD. A wide variety of cosmetics manufacturers offer foundation products that contain salicylic acid, which assists in clearing your clogged pores, and benzoyl peroxide, which helps to kill the bacteria worsening your acne. Unfortunately, benzoyl peroxide can irritate and redden sensitive skin, and salicylic acid might cause excessive skin peeling.


Regardless of whether you want a foundation that's medicated or one that isn't, you'll have a wide choice of types and colors to match your particular skin tone. You can purchase medicated or non-medicated liquid foundation, tinted touch-up sticks or mineral foundations in dozens of colors and formulations from many different manufacturers. Some of the products intended for women, rather than for teenagers, include anti-aging skin ingredients.


Your acne-fighting foundation should help your complexion, but it probably won't be enough to clear it completely, especially if you're an adult, according to the AAD. Many adults with pimples need help from prescription medications such as topical antibiotics that can control the bacterial infection in acne. If your acne continues to resist treatment, you might need oral antibiotics or another form of oral medication to get it under control for good.

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