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Bodybare Chic Epilator Instructions

Bodybare Chic Epilator Instructions Bodybare Chic Epilator Instructions Bodybare Chic Epilator Instructions


The Bodybare Chic epilator by Emjoi is a solution for removing unwanted hair quickly and efficiently. It's a compact pink and white unit that comes with two settings. It can be used to remove hair from your legs, bikini line and underarms, as well as the delicate areas of the upper lips and chin. Its compact size gives you the convenience of taking it with you when traveling.

Step 1

Prepare your body for epilating by taking a warm shower or bath, and either exfoliate the area with a loofah or with an exfoliating cream. Pat the skin dry, and don't apply any lotions or creams.

Step 2

Trim any hair that is longer than 5mm. The Bodybare Chic Epilator is designed to be used on hair that is less than 5mm. It can be used with hair as short as 0.5mm.

Step 3

Attach the adapter to the adapter inlet on the epilator body and remove the disc cover. Decide what setting to use, depending on whether the hair is fine or coarse.

Step 4

Position the epilator at a right angle to your skin with the Bodybare logo on the epilator unit facing away from you.

Step 5

Hold the area to be epilated taut with one hand. Switch the epilator on and gently move the unit around in quick circular motions over the area that requires epilating. Don't apply pressure during epilating, which will cause the unit to slow down.

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