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What Are the Treatments for Blackheads on the Back?

What Are the Treatments for Blackheads on the Back? What Are the Treatments for Blackheads on the Back?

Blackheads occur when the pores in your skin become clogged with excess skin cells and oil, and react with the air to turn black. The skin on your back is rich with sebaceous oil glands, so it is prone to developing pore blockages due to excess oil. By maintaining a consistent skincare routine for your body you can treat blackheads and prevent future breakouts on your back.

Scrub Your Back

Blackheads are partially caused by an excess of skin cells, so scrubbing away dead skin cells is essential to clearing up and preventing blackheads. Purchase a spa brush, a long-handled brush with natural bristles that helps you scrub away dead skin on your back. After you apply conditioner, put body wash onto your spa brush and scrub your back and shoulders to remove the dead skin. The skin on your back is thick, so you can scrub your back every day without irritating it.

Use Medicated Body Wash

Use of a body wash containing acne medication will help clear up blackheads on your back. Choose a body wash containing salicylic acid. The acid helps to clean away skin cells trapped in your pores to scrub away blackheads. It also makes your pores smaller to prevent the formation of future blackheads. Numerous body washes contain salicylic acid. Keep in mind salicylic acid is drying to your skin, so if you notice any irritation, use salicylic acid only every other day to prevent blackheads.

Wash Away Conditioner

If you have longer hair and you use conditioner, you may be adding excess oil into your back during your shower that will reverse the effect of blackhead treatments. A number of conditioners contain fats and oils, like coconut oil, which are able to block your pores and cause blackheads. Pull your hair away from your back after you apply conditioner, and use body wash after applying conditioner to wash any residue off your body. When rinsing out your conditioner, make sure to rinse your back thoroughly as well, and wash your back again gently to remove any residue.

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