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Blackhead Treatments

Blackhead Treatments Blackhead Treatments


Blackheads are characterized by the appearance of small, darkly colored spots caused by oils and sebum becoming clogged in the pores. Blackheads can quickly become infected, resulting in pustule acne, but if treated will diminish from the skin. A few natural methods reduce and eliminate blackheads from the face.


Cleansing the skin helps remove dirt, excess oil and impurities from entering the pores. There are many different types of cleansers on the market, most of which containing harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin. When cleansing the skin, it's important to only use a natural soap formulated for sensitive skin types, which clean the skin without inflaming or irritating it. The skin should be gently washed twice per day.


Applying a scrub helps remove dead skin, bacteria and impurities that clog pores and cause blackheads. It's important when selecting a scrub to only use substances that are gentle on the face, so as not to damage or scrape the skin. Baking soda combined with water makes a natural and gentle scrub that can be used up to three times per week to diminish blackheads. The formula can be massaged onto the skin for two minutes, then rinsed clean with water.


Toning the skin with substances high in vitamin C helps increase skin cell turnover. Vitamin C helps slough away dead skin cells while encouraging the development of new skin cells. This enables the skin to be free of blackheads and clogging. Citrus juices are very high in vitamin C, and can be used full-strength on the skin twice per day as a natural and effective toner.


Steaming the skin once per week helps flush out pores, allowing them to remain clear and free of blackheads. To use a facial steam, a non-comedogenic oil should be rubbed onto the skin, then the head should be lowered 12 to 18 inches above a bowl of steaming water. A towel is placed over the head to force the steam onto the skin. After five minutes, the face is wiped off, along with the flushed impurities, and cold water is splashed over the face.

Spot Treatments

Certain substances are helpful in spot-treating areas of the skin that contain large amounts of blackheads. Tea tree oil is an antimicrobial oil that can be applied full strength on small areas of the face using a cotton swab, which will kill acne-causing bacteria. Tea tree oil can be applied up to three times per day.

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