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Review of Adult Acne Treatment

Review of Adult Acne Treatment Review of Adult Acne Treatment

What To Look For

When shopping for adult acne treatments look for products that are designed to work with your skin type. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, choose products that are made for delicate skin. Sensitive skin acne products usually contain aloe and other soothing ingredients in addition to acne medication. Adult acne treatments come in many forms that include over-the-counter products, spa treatments and prescription medications. Over-the-counter products are generally for people who suffer from mild to moderate acne. Visit a spa or a salon for blue light or retin A treatments if your acne is moderate to severe.

Common Pitfalls

Some adult acne treatments are expensive and it takes time to see results. Blue light treatments penetrate into the skin and kill acne-causing bacteria. It takes several weeks of consistent treatment to see results. Retin A prescriptions also cost quite a bit, but you can find some low dose retin acne products over the counter. Over-the-counter products may not work for your particular type of acne. You might need to pursue the more expensive route if these treatments don't work.

Where To Buy

Inexpensive acne products are found at your local pharmacy or grocery store. This items are located in the beauty or bath section. Retin A medications are available with a prescription, but you can find low dose retin A products at some pharmacies. Blue light treatments are available at your local spa or dermatologists office. However, you can purchase small hand held blue light devices for home use online and in some beauty supply stores.


The cost of adult acne treatment varies depending on the type of treatment. Blue light therapy usually costs $30 to $100 per 1-hour session. depending on the spa. Over-the-counter treatments range from $5 to $20 on average. Some over-the-counter treatments come with a kit that includes a face wash, toner and medication, which drives up the price of the product. Retin A prescriptions can cost $20 to $50 depending on your insurance coverage. Over-the-counter retin A products can cost $15 or more for a small amount.

Comparison Shopping

Over-the-counter off brand products generally contain the same or similar ingredients as name brand acne treatments. The prices vary depending on the type and level of medication in each product. Blue light treatments are generally the same at each spa, but some spas may have LED lights that are stronger. You can ask the salon what frequency the lights are being set at.


Most adult acne products don't come with accessories, but some treatments may include a toner or facial scrub.

Insider Tips

Some spas and salons offer insider packages to frequent customers. Ask about a package rate rather than paying for each treatment one at a time. Over-the-counter products may lose effectiveness when they have expired. Sometimes products go on sale when the items have been sitting on the shelf for long periods of time. Avoid buying these products.

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