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Adult Acne Wrinkle Treatments

Adult Acne Wrinkle Treatments Adult Acne Wrinkle Treatments

Acne can happen to people of all ages, but when acne appears on aging skin, it can be difficult to know what the most effective treatment should be. Traditional approaches include using a benzoyl peroxide cream and alcohol-based toners that are designed to dry out acne blemishes and kill acne-causing bacteria. However, aging skin that is affected by acne as well as wrinkles requires an alternative approach that incorporates fighting off acne as well as keeping the skin hydrated.

Oil Facials

Oil facials deep-clean the pores while delivering deeply hydrating oils to the skin. It is important to only use a noncomedogenic oil when applying an oil facial, so that the pores do not become clogged. Noncomedogenic oils include olive oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil. One to 2 Tbsp. should be deeply massaged into the skin for at least five minutes, then allowed to remain on the skin for an additional five minutes to bind to the existing skin oils and impurities in the pores. While waiting, a washcloth can be dipped into steaming hot water, then wrung out. The steaming washcloth should be pressed into the skin, which will force the pores open to release any blockages and to allow the oils to flush out. After the cloth cools, use it to wipe off the oils. An oil facial can be used up to three times per week.

Tea Tree Oatmeal Mask

Tea tree oil is a highly effective acne fighter that can be used on the skin without adding to any dryness that may exist on the skin or exacerbating wrinkles. Combining tea tree oil with skin-soothing oatmeal creates an acne fighting mask that also nourishes and hydrates aging skin. One-half cup of raw oats should be poured into a bowl and combined with 1 cup of boiling water. Once the mixture cools, add 5 drops of pure tea tree oil, mixing it thoroughly with a spoon. The tea tree oatmeal mask should be spread onto the skin and left there for 5-to-10 minutes. Then the mask should be rinsed with warm water. A tea tree oatmeal mask can be applied once per day.

Lemon Juice Toner

Lemon juice has a high concentration of vitamin C, which fights off free-radicals in the skin to prevent wrinkles and increases skin cell turnover to ward off acne breakouts. A clean spray bottle should be filled with concentrated lemon juice, which should be sprayed onto the skin after cleansing. The lemon juice can be left on the skin for at least 10 minutes and rinsed off, or can remain on the skin and left to air dry. A lemon juice toner can be applied up to three times per day.

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