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The Best Acne Products for Black Skin

The Best Acne Products for Black Skin The Best Acne Products for Black Skin

Acne on those with dark or black skin isn't any different than blemishes on lighter skin. It's still caused by the same factors (bacteria, oil and dead skin cells), but having darker skin or more pigment can cause you to be a bit more sensitive to acne treatments and more susceptible to scarring.

Gentle Cleansers

Using a gentle cleanser is the best way to clear up acne on black skin. This will eliminate oil without over-drying your skin. Products that contain salicylic acid are best because they aren't as harsh as those with benzoyl peroxide--an ingredient that has a bleaching effect.

Deep Cleaning Masks

Deep cleansing masks are helpful for those with darker skin and acne because they penetrate into the pores to remove built-up dead skin cells and oil. Over time, this will reduce your breakouts. Clay masks are gentle yet effective, as are masks made out of avocado.


A good toner is essential for a balanced skin care regimen. The purpose of a toner is to remove any impurities the cleanser left behind and bring pH balance back to your skin. Toners that contain alcohol should be avoided, since they are much too harsh and can aggravate breakouts. Choose a toner that uses witch hazel or a fruit juice instead.

Home Cures

Some home remedies or products you can concoct out of a few supermarket ingredients can help black skin as well. Something as simple as applying olive oil to your skin once a day can smooth your skin's texture, and reduce irritation and the size of your pores. However, if you have very oily skin, this might not be the best remedy.

Scar Treatments

The marks that last for a few months after an acne blemish has healed can last even longer on black skin. However, you can speed up the fading process by using scar cream like Mederma to lessen the appearance of red or brown blotches. Vitamin E gel can also help fade scars and soothe inflammation caused by acne.

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