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African American Skin Care for Acne

African American Skin Care for Acne African American Skin Care for Acne


African Americans who suffer from acne have special concerns regarding skin care for the acne-prone areas. African Americans are more likely to develop hyperpigmentation, or darkening of the skin, in acne-prone areas. The risk of scarring is increased, which includes the risk of raised Keloid scars. When caring for acne-prone African American skin, it is important to pay close attention to the effect that products and cleansing routines have on your skin and your acne.

Step 1

Clean your skin with a gentle cleanser once or twice a day, states the Mayo Clinic. If you have extremely oily skin, you can wash more often; however, washing more often may cause acne to become worse.

Step 2

Apply non-comedogenic sunscreen, moisturizer and cosmetics to acne-prone areas. Acne is most common on the face, back, shoulders, neck and chest.

Step 3

Limit the use of pomade around acne-prone areas. If you must use pomade, apply it only on areas where the oil-based product won't touch your face. A condition called acne cosmetica is caused by the use of pomade, states AcneNet.

Step 4

Use skin-lightening products if you notice darkening of your skin. Follow directions on the package, as these vary from one product to another.

Step 5

Resist the urge to pick at pimples. Picking at acne-prone areas can cause scarring, such as Keloid scars, in African Americans. Additionally, there is a risk of infection.

Step 6

Consult with a dermatologist regarding over-the-counter medications or prescription medications that can be used to control your acne. Some over-the-counter medications are too harsh and drying for African American skin and may aggravate acne.

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