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The Perricone Acne Treatment Review

The Perricone Acne Treatment Review The Perricone Acne Treatment Review


The PerriconeMD Skin Clear Kit is a four-part acne treatment system that includes a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and nutritional supplements to help treat and prevent acne breakouts. Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone created the PerriconeMD skin care line.

Specific Products

The products included in PerriconeMD Skin Clear Kit are Skin Clear Cleanser, a gel-based facial wash that helps remove impurities and excess oil; Skin Clear Acne Toner, which helps calm inflammation; Skin Clear Hydrator, a moisturizer that keep skin soft and smooth, according to Perricone; and Skin Clear Supplements to promote clear skin from the inside out.

Key Ingredients

Key ingredients in the PerriconeMD Skin Clear Cleanser and Toner include salicylic acid, which helps clear clogged pores and treat and prevent acne; eucalyptus leaf oil, an antibacterial ingredient that calms inflammation; and alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant that, according to the company, reduces pore size and refines skin's texture.

Skin Clear Hydrator ingredients include lactic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells and allatonin to help smooth skin's appearance.

The supplements contain B-complex vitamins, including B12, B6 and biotin, which is the basis for hair, skin and nails; vitamin C to protect the skin from sun damage; and borage and flaxseed oils, which contain essential fatty acids that help reduce inflammation.


The PerriconeMD Skin Clear Kit retails for $164 for all four products as of August 2010. The products are also sold separately. The cleanser and toner retail for $35 each, the Hydrator retails for $55 and the supplements retail for $80.

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