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Organic Acne Medications for Sensitive Face Skin

Organic Acne Medications for Sensitive Face Skin Organic Acne Medications for Sensitive Face Skin

Acne care products are commonly found in stores all across the United States, online, and on TV. You may have tried them all, but found they caused even more irritation and redness. If you have sensitive skin, harsh chemicals and cleansers can irritate pores and worsen acne, potentially leading to more breakouts. There are organic products, made without chemicals and irritating soaps, that may help to soothe your sensitive skin while helping to clear acne lesions.

JustNatural Organic Care

This company has developed an array of acne products designed for sensitive skin. Its website discusses the effects of standard acne fighting medications on your skin. Pledging to be different, the company states that its products are made from organic, gentle oils and cleansers with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The sensitive skin acne soap contains essential oils of tea tree, palmarosa, lavender, geranium, patchouli and vetiver, which the company states fight bacteria and fungus. The website recommends using this soap for cleansing, followed by the acne facial day cream for sensitive skin. It too contains tea tree oil, as well as aloe vera and manuka oil. There is even a manuka acne treatment product that you can apply to problem areas. The company claims that manuka is 30 times more powerful than tea tree against acne bacteria.


Biobeautybalm created a balm for acne prone skin that may reduce redness, irritation, breakouts, and scarring. This product's mode of action is both familiar and different; it works to fight acne, but by purportedly improving the skin's own immune system. The company uses Helix Aspersa Müller, a substance that is a glycoconjugate. The website states that glycoconjugates function as natural enhancers of your own immune system by prompting the production of antimicrobial peptides that your skin normally secretes. The product also contains extracts of licorice, an adaptogen. The company provides scientific references that state licorice can help reduce sebum, or oil, production. Willow bark, extracts of Coleus forskholli, Inca Inchi oil, and black pepper extracts round out the ingredient list. The company states that the balm has a medicinal smell, but is not harsh; it claims it should be soothing to sensitive skin.


A product from Grunilla of Sweden, Lerosett has been used in Europe for acne treatment since 1985. This product contains no chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid; it is made with 100 percent organic, heat treated, mineral rich acne clay and distilled water. This clay contains zinc, as well as eight essential amino acids and 11 secondary amino acids. There are over 50 vitamins and 20 minerals, such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. The clay also has 20 to 30 unique antioxidants that may promote natural self-repairing mechanisms needed for acne prone and sensitive skin.

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