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Acne Products With Maximum Strength Ingredients

Acne Products With Maximum Strength Ingredients Acne Products With Maximum Strength Ingredients Acne Products With Maximum Strength Ingredients

Acne treatment products come in a variety of strengths, ranging from light and mild cleansers to intensive, highly concentrated creams. There are times when someone suffering from acne breakouts requires stronger acne products to treat the acne. While these heavy-duty acne fighters should only be used in moderation, they work fast to clear up acne breakouts.

10 Percent Benzoyl Peroxide Cream

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most commonly used acne treatment products, but is most often used at a strength of 5 percent or less. Benzoyl peroxide is available in a higher concentration, 10 percent, which is an extremely powerful acne-fighter. Benzoyl peroxide cream coats your skin in a solution that gives off oxygen, which kills the bacteria that causes acne. Using the maximum strength benzoyl peroxide cream kills off the acne-causing bacteria quickly, but should be used in moderation because it can irritate your skin. Use a pea-sized amount twice a day. If severe redness, peeling or burning happen from using 10 percent benzoyl peroxide cream, discontinue use and consult a doctor or a dermatologist before using the product again.

5 Percent Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is often used as an alternative to benzoyl peroxide cream, and is typically highly diluted before it is applied to your skin. When using tea tree oil in its maximum strength, the oil is not as diluted, but applied onto your skin in a 5 percent concentration. Tea tree oil is highly antimicrobial and antibacterial, and will both sooth inflammation and kill off acne-causing bacteria and microbes in your skin. Apply 5 percent tea tree oil onto the active acne pustules up to three times per day. Consult a dermatologist is severe redness occurs.

1 Percent Retinol Cream

Retinol cream, otherwise referred to as vitamin A cream or Retin-A, is a highly effective acne treatment that increases skin cell turnover. This means that your old skin cells are sloughed away at a faster rate, while new skin cells are being developed to take their place. Essentially, retinol creams allow your pores to remain clear because there are no impurities remaining on the skin to clog them. Using the maximum strength Retinol cream, in a concentration of 1 percent, will clear acne quickly, but should be used under the care of a dermatologist. Retinol can cause skin reactions when used in higher concentrations, such as redness, itching and peeling. Pregnant women should not use retinol or vitamin A creams. Consult your dermatologist for your correct usage amounts.

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