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About Homemade Acne Medicine

About Homemade Acne Medicine About Homemade Acne Medicine About Homemade Acne Medicine


Homemade acne medicine provides a cost-effective way to fight acne, a common dermatological disorder. According to the Mayo Clinic, the condition occurs when excess sebum and dead skin cells meld together in the follicles, creating plugs that cause whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and cysts. Homemade acne treatments use common household ingredients to reduce these pore-clogging substances.


Cleansing and exfoliating are crucial to achieving clearer skin. However, while commercial acne products often advertise their powerful, "acne-fighting" ingredients, the Mayo Clinic warns that using harsh soaps and chemicals can actually make acne worse. Washing and exfoliating acne-prone skin with homemade treatments may provide a gentler alternative.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Acne Treatment

Paula Begoun, author of the "Green Beauty Guide," lists plain yogurt mixed with honey as an effective homemade cleanser. Honey lends antibacterial qualities to the treatment, while yogurt is a source of lactic acid--a type of alpha hydroxy acid and natural chemical exfoliant. When applied to the face, the yogurt and honey work together to remove dead skin and fight acne-causing bacteria.

Beta Hydroxy Acid Acne Medicine

Another homemade acne medicine involves combining uncoated aspirin tablets with lemon juice. Applied topically, the resulting paste helps reduce acne lesions, according to the website DoctorOz. This is because aspirin is a source of salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid that--like alpha hydroxy acid--works as a mild chemical peel. Additionally, the lemon juice promotes exfoliation with citric acid, and nourishes the skin with vitamin c.

Use and Benefits

Used daily, the yogurt and honey cleanser may prevent dead skin and oil from building up in the hair follicles. To achieve optimal results, Begoun recommends letting the treatment sit for a few minutes following application, then rinsing with lukewarm water.

Meanwhile, treat existing pimples and blemishes with the aspirin and lemon juice paste. Let the treatment sit for ten minutes, then remove it with a solution of baking soda and water. According to DoctorOZ, the baking soda will neutralize the acid.

Side Effects and Considerations

Possible side effects of these homemade acne medicines include mild redness, irritation and light peeling. These effects should be temporary. Individuals who experience persistent symptoms should discontinue the treatment. Furthermore, alpha and beta hydroxy acid use can cause temporary sun sensitivity. To protect skin from burning and sun damage, the FDA recommends using a broad-spectrum sunscreen for at least one week following treatment.

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