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Medication for Inflamed Acne

Medication for Inflamed Acne Medication for Inflamed Acne Medication for Inflamed Acne


Treating acne for many people involves buying over-the-counter cleansers and creams until they find something that works. However, for some, their acne is so severe and persistent that they require prescription medications to reduce inflammation and eliminate their blemishes for good.

Inflamed Acne Types

Not every type of acne is inflamed. Blackheads, whiteheads and even some nodules will appear mostly flesh-colored and lack redness and irritation. However, inflamed types of acne include pustules, which are acne lesions with a head that are surrounded by redness. Cysts are also inflamed, penetrate deeply into the skin and can be quite painful. It is these inflamed forms of acne that require the most aggressive forms of treatment in order to prevent scarring.


For severe acne lesions, a dermatologist will sometimes inject the blemish with a diluted form of a corticosteroid. This will reduce inflammation and help dissolve the contents of the cyst within a few days. Lesions carry the most likelihood of scarring when they rupture, so preventing this can significantly reduce the chances of scarring.


Another medication commonly used to treat inflamed acne is antibiotics. Stubborn acne will sometimes require the use of a topical antibiotic to kill the bacteria on your skin and prevent future blemishes. Very severe acne will sometimes require an inside out approach to treatment with the use of oral antibiotics. However, the use of oral antibiotics will need to be monitored closely to prevent future antibiotic resistance.


In some cases, inflamed acne in women is caused by a hormonal imbalance. This can sometimes be treated by taking oral contraceptives. Low dose estrogen birth control pills have been particularly effective in reducing the instances of severe acne breakouts.


For those who topical treatments and creams do nothing for, there is isotretinoin. This drug is a form of Vitamin A and is effective in changing the rate at which your skin produces oil, thus reducing or eliminating breakouts altogether. It tends to go by the brand name Accutane and though effective can carry serious side effects, such as birth defects, depression and suicidal thoughts.

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