Acne treatment Acne treatment

Acne laser

Acne laser Acne laser Acne laser

 Contrary to popular belief acne a skin disorder that afflicts both adults as well as teenagers. Acne is not very easily cured but skin specialists are armed with a newer technology that promises to get rid of this ugly skin disease permanently - Laser treatment!

Unlike past beliefs acne is a skin disorder that seems to be afflicting more adults than teenagers in modern times. Perhaps this was the case in the past too however it is only now that adults are acknowledging the fact that they have acne and are coming forward to deal with the problem at the very onset of the disorder. Though there are a variety of treatments for acne most of them are very time consuming and take a very long time to begin to show some results if any. From using prescription drugs to skin applications (not recommended) to turning to non-prescription medications over the counter people suffering from acne have tried them all mostly to their dismay when they realize that the acne is still very much there.

The cases where people have successfully treated acne by self medication are rare. Doctors prescribe very potent drugs that have also known to have failed. This is when they turn to technology and decide to try out laser treatment. It is believed that laser treatment, when carried out by a specialist, can completely cure acne permanently. But then there are cases where laser treatment has taken a very long time and the treatment is not complete. But where laser treatment has actually worked the results are astounding. Laser treatment for acne is a technology that has given many people suffering from this skin disorder a lot of hope and solace.

Laser treatment for acne scarring has been used successfully or many years with just a few people responding poorly to the treatment, but the number of poor responses are negligible. The big question people ask is whether laser treatment for acne is safe and effective for a long period of time. The answer to that query has been answered many times with the objective of trying to convince acne patients to turn to the treatment which is very effective.

So How Is This Treatment Administered?

The extreme heat produced by the laser apparatus damages the sebaceous glands. The heat is applied for a split second and so it does not burn the skin of the patient and very little or no discomfort is experienced by the patient. It is possible to use laser to treat acne at least four treatments with a thirty day break between each treatment session. A majority of the patients undergoing laser acne treatment are 100% rid of the disorder. The sebaceous glands are altered by the extreme heat from the laser device and fail to produce oil, this is immediate evidence that laser treatment is an effective acne cure.

There are two laser technologies that are used to cure acne. One technique attacks the bacteria growing in the glands causing acne and the other treats the sebaceous glands forcing them to stop producing natural oils for the skin or reducing the quantity of the oil produced. this treatment is generally directed to the sebaceous glands on the facial skin.

What Is The Overall Experience Of Laser Acne Treatment?

Most patients who have undergone laser acne treatment report that during the application of the laser light they experience a rubber band type of experience where the laser is applied. If you are uncomfortable with the sensation the doctor will apply some local anesthetic cream on the treated part to dull the sensation. However the end result is a very pleasant.

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