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The Best Acne Scar Treatment

The Best Acne Scar Treatment Best Acne Scar Treatment Acne Scars Information - Treatment of Acne Scars

Despite all their efforts, many people develop acne scars, which can be incredibly difficult to accept or to live with. However, it is important to keep in mind that this process is a significant part of the skin?s natural recovery and also, there are several different acne scar treatment solutions available, which will be able to minimize the appearance of unsightly scars. But which would be considered the best acne scar treatment and why?

Superficial acne outbreaks usually recover without any scarring damage. It is only when there is substantial damage to the dermis that an acne scar will develop. When considering the best acne scar treatment, there are two factors that need to be addressed: indentations on the surface of the epidermis and hyper-pigmentation, which has been left behind once the acne has been successfully treated.

Pitted or depressed acne scars are the result of a loss of tissue due to the damage caused by the presence of severe acne to the underlying dermis. A depressed scar has an ice-pick or box-car appearance or with less damage to the dermis, it may be much softer, looking very similar to the scars caused by chicken-pox. On the other hand pigmented acne scars leave red or brown marks behind after an acne breakout has subsided, which is known as post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation or PIH. When it comes to acne scarring, PIH scars are the most commonly seen and although in most cases they will not be permanent, if untreated, it usually takes months for them to clear.

What is the best treatment for acne scars?

As you can see, the best acne scar treatment will depend on your individual case. There is not a single, universal ?best acne scar treatment?, which is suitable for everyone.

For example, if your complexion is affected by PIH or perhaps the combination of superficial indentation and post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, the best acne scar treatment in your case would be the following options either alone or in a combination:

  • a high quality acne scar cream,
  • acne scar home remedies
  • dermabrasion,
  • a comprehensive holistic system

In other cases, where a person is suffering from deep ice-picks or box-cars, depending on the depth of these scars, the following treatments would be considered the best treatment for acne scars:

  • a comprehensive holistic system
  • dermabrasion
  • injectable derma fillers
  • laser resurfacing

The best acne scar treatment will always be based on sound knowledge of what the available treatment options are. If your acne scar treatment involves a more invasive procedure, such as laser resurfacing or the use of injectable derma fillers, in order to avoid the potential risks associated with these procedures and to obtain the best results, please always make sure that it is carried out by an experienced and trained medical professional.

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