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 Once your acne starts to appear you may look for reasons for it, picking on excuses which are unreasonable and unrelated to what is really causing it. What is important is to look for the legitimate reasons why this may be happening rather than looking for excuses. It is also important to look for a cure rather than focus solely on the reason why you have it.

Here are some common reasons which people may focus on for causing acne;

Often, there is a misconception that Acne is unavoidable. People expect teenagers to develop it and link it to puberty of adolescence. While a change in hormones may be one contributing factor it is not inevitable or unavoidable. It is also not limited only to teenagers. Many adults develop acne at all stages of their lives, and hormone imbalance can be a contributing factor there also. Age does not matter as much as other factors. Cleanliness ,diet, open pores and being fastidious about hygiene is more important.

Stress is also believed by many to be a significant contributor to the development and >continuation of acne. The media has even latched onto this as a reason and put forward the reduction of stress in your life as a possible way of reducing acne scarring. Again however, most scientific research agrees that this is a misconception. There is little evidence that there is a direct connection between stress and acne. Instead, things we have already mentioned such as personal hygiene, the way you live your life and healthy eating are more important.

When most individuals think of acne they treat it only as a physical problem. It is so much more than that. It is an emotional burden as much as a physical one. The psychological and emotional impact that acne causes can be more damaging than the physical ones. It can lead to a loss of self respect, low self-esteem and massive insecurity. It is the nature of the world in which we live that people focus on the outwardly physical rather than the kind of person we are. Those who have acne can become timid and insecure believing that others will label them 'ugly'.

But another, possibly one of the most common misconceptions is that acne can be picked up from oily foods, or eating too many sweets, desserts and poor food. it is true that a poor diet can contribute to it, but this is not the main reason. Do not give in to miss information or misconceptions. Be aware of what really does cause acne, and react accordingly.

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