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Facts on Child-Proofing a Living Room

Facts on Child-Proofing a Living Room Facts on Child-Proofing a Living Room

1. Check the Electrics and the Electronics

Children love wires and outlets. The outlets are great for sticking things into and the wires are great for pulling and playing. Shield all outlets with outlet covers and don't teach your child how to manipulate them. When you remove a cover to use the outlet, put it back the second you're done. Wires are harder to deal with. Consider taping or stapling them down or block off the area where the wires are. If you have electronics in your living room, put them behind a cabinet that your child can't get into.

2. Protect your Valuables

Most living rooms usually contain your art, your bric-a-brac and your nice furniture. If you don't want your children to ruin these things, move anything they can pull down out of their reach. Children can destroy these items, and they can cut themselves or get bumps or bruises playing with heavy valuables. Consider removing tables with sharp corners and watch out for glass-topped furniture. Clean your furniture regularly to prevent food and fingerprint buildup.

3. Watch out for the Fireplace

The fireplace a burn risk for your child, and hard stone with sharp corners often surrounds a fireplace. Put a gate around the fireplace and cushion any sharp stones. Fireplace tools also pose a risk for children. Consider moving the tools out of your child's reach.

4. Keep Small Objects Beyond Your Child's Reach

With toddlers, everything goes into the mouth. That's how they learn about objects. Unfortunately, children under the age of three are at a high risk of choking on many objects. Make sure any bowls containing potpourri, beads, glass or marbles are out of your child's reach. Make sure you're cleaning any spilled coins or buttons. If you want to know whether something is a choking hazard, consider purchasing a choke tube tester.

5. Make the Living Room a No-Child Zone

One of the best ways of child-proofing a living room is to keep your children out of it. Put a child safety gate onto the entrance of your living room that your children can't open or climb over. Store toys or other things your children may want outside the living room.

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