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Teenagers acne

Teenagers acne Teenagers acne

 Acne without doubt is one of the most widespread problems facing teenagers anywhere in the world. For some, acne can be a truly horrendous experience, while for others it can have little or no impact at all. But for those it does affect it can lower their self-esteem and limit their ability to express themselves openly and confidently. It can impact on friendships and even on family relationships.

I can leave emotional scars and cause embarrassment to such an extent that they may not even wish to leave their rooms!

But acne is a natural, normal occurrence. As such it should not be viewed with dismay and certainly should not be taken so seriously as to lead to depression. Recent statistics suggest that it effects 90% of teenagers at one time or another, and about a quarter of adults.

But as a natural occurrence acne can be treated. Doctors and health professionals nowadays are able to provide very powerful, effective acne treatments for all ages but particularly teenagers. It is well worth following tips and suggestions and following a decent health plan. Prevention is better than cure, and the best cure for acne is to be vigilant and take preventative measures. If however you already have acne there are some excellent ways to address it;

Self-prepared remedies

Many acne treatments for teenagers can actually be found very easily, most often from ingredients already available inside your home or garden. Fruits and herbs are known to provide cures for almost any health problem, and one of these is acne.

As well as achieving a cost effective, powerful treatment you may find it fun to create your own proven acne treatment which can be used by everyone including teenagers. Creating a paste to be used on one spot or as a mask is quite straightforward and an excellent idea.

The first type would be to make a mixture of ground orange peel or fresh lemon juice. Another effective acne treatment for teenagers is actually a mixture of tea tree and sweet fennel essential oils added with witch hazel. This is believed to remove the excess oil and dirt on your face and kill the bacteria that cause the unwanted acne. Corn flour mixed with egg white is >another great option that you can try to clear that acne in your face. Cucumber, a favorite acne treatment for teenagers, is tested to prevent the appearance of acne. It also refreshes your tired and unhealthy skin.

Right on the counter

When you think home-made preparations are not the acne treatments for teenagers like you, then ‘over-the-counter’ products are more recommended for you. Anytime at the nearest store in your neighborhood, you can buy these non-prescription products that are truly great acne treatments for teenagers. Boys especially prefer these products for it is really awkward for them to put on a facial mask. Benzoyl peroxide is actually the best known acne treatment for teenagers that is available in stores. It works as to dry the skin and eventually encourage it to peel off and form a new, healthier skin surface. It also has antibacterial effects, very good in killing that irritable acne-causing bacteria.

The doctors’ advice

Not all cases of acne problems can be treated by self-made applications or “over-the-counter” drugs. These actually only treats mild to moderate acne problems. Thus, a consultation with your doctor is advisable, especially when you have a severe case of acne problem. Your doctor will surely give you more potent acne treatments for teenagers which are actually divided between topical and oral solutions. Topical acne treatments given to teenagers are applied directly on the skin include antibiotic lotions and azelaic acid which is described as a benzoyl peroxide alternative. Meanwhile, oral antibiotics that you have to take in are just some of the recommended acne treatments for teenagers.

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