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Teens acne

Teen acne Teen acne Teen acne

 Acne is a major problem for those who have it. Not only are there major physical changes, but psychological changes as well. Formerly confident teens may find their self-confidence shaken by the way they look now.

Social Problems

Normal everyday social situations often become awkward and difficult for a teen suffering from acne to face. They will often try to avoid these social situations as much as possible. The teen may feel self-conscious and cut off from the group. There is a stigma associated with acne, and amongst teens especially, it is often considered to be a sign that a person is "dirty" or doesn't take care of themselves. All of this can make even going to class a painful experience for a teen. It erodes the teen's self-confidence, and sometimes these feeling will follow the teen into adulthood and cause depression and social maladjustment.

A Lack of Understanding

Many people who are not suffering from acne just don't seem to understand what the teen may be going through. They may think that the teen is just overreacting, and that it's "not that bad". But in recent years, the social and psychological side effect has been studied more closely. They found that acne is as much about how you think you look and how you feel emotionally, as it is the actual physical appearance. A teen’s self-image and self-confidence can be fragile things while they are growing up, and having acne can cause the teen to have to deal with all sorts of unwelcome pressures and prejudices.

Modern society places a lot of emphasis in appearances, and anything outside the norm brings pressure to bear on the person breaking the "norm". When asked how they felt during these studies, teens with acne often said that they felt "ugly" and "depressed". These feeling can persist into adulthood, and are not gender specific. Both males and females felt similarly about their acne and how it made them feel.

Understanding What's Happening

Understanding what pressures and feelings having acne can place upon your teen is very important, especially during the earlier teenage years. You must understand that acne is a big deal, and can leave lasting scars emotionally as well as physically. If you notice a change in your teen's behaviors, such as suddenly losing interest in social occasions, drop in grades, moodiness, etc., ask them what is bothering them. If it turns out that it is acne, don't just shrug it off. Take them to see a dermatologist, especially in the more severe cases. Make sure they understand that nothing they did is the cause of their acne, and that it will get better if they take care of it properly. Then make sure that they do take care of it properly.

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