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Treatments to Remove Blackheads

Treatments to Remove Blackheads Treatments to Remove Blackheads Treatments to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are blockages of sebum oil in your pores that oxidize and turn a black color. They are a common occurrence on the skin--even well-maintained skin--, but do not pose any health risks, although they may increase the chance of developing pimples. But blackheads can be visible from close-range and cause embarrassment for those who develop them. Luckily, there are numerous remedies available to help eliminate blackheads and maintain a clearer complexion.

Blackhead Strips

Blackhead strips are one of the most popular methods because of their perceived ease, effectiveness and low cost. These strips work by adhering to the skin, then pulling blackheads out of the skin when the strip is pulled away. But this is only a partial truth--blackhead strips many times only succeed at removing the top of a blackhead, while the base of the blockage remains intact. This does result in the removal of the black portion of the blockage, but since the base of the clog remains, it will only be a matter of time before the blackhead reappears. More effective treatments will remove the clog entirely.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels utilize glycolic acid to remove dead skin and oil from your pores and skin. Dead skin can be a common cause of the development of blackheads since the cells can trap oil inside pores. Chemical peels are a simple treatment that can be done at home, but they should not be used in conjunction with topical retinoids, as this can damage your skin.


Topical retinoids are a popular medicine that help remove blackheads as well as prevent the development of new blackheads. These work by reducing your skin's oil secretion while breaking down oil built up in your pores. Unlike blackhead strips, though, retinoids are a long-term solution that don't yield any results for several weeks.


Squeezing blackheads isn't recommended by dermatologists because many people squeeze too hard and cause damage to the skin. But there is a safe way to remove some blackheads from your skin. Start by applying a warm compress to your skin for five or 10 minutes--this helps open up your pores and make the blockages easier to move. While your skin is still damp, slowly and gently squeeze the skin around your blackhead with your fingerpads. Only attempt to squeeze out the blackheads once--trying to squeeze multiple times can cause more damage than good.

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