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Natural Keloid Removal

Natural Keloid Removal Natural Keloid Removal


The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology (AOCD) notes that a keloid scar is made of connective tissue fibers called fibroblasts. It swells and protrudes from your skin because, during the repairing of the wound, skin cells and fibroblasts multiply too aggressively and form excess tissue. This multiplication can continue, making the keloid swell larger and larger.

A variety of treatments, some natural, exist to treat your keloid scars. Not all are effective, however, as treatment can be difficult, notes the U.K.'s National Health Service (NHS) website.


Keloids will most often appear on your face, neck and shoulders. The NHS website notes that people of darker skin tones and between the ages of 10 and 30 are most at risk. It is also thought to be largely a hereditary condition. The reason why these people are prone to the condition and others are not is unknown. Keloids are not to be confused with hypertrophic scars, which look similar but are more common and are easier to treat, notes AOCD.

Natural Treatment

The remedies and natural heath website GrannyMed recommends the topical application of aloe vera or gotu kola as natural treatments for scars. Through its anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera is said to stimulate new cell growth and quicken the healing process in scars. Gotu kola is reported to increase blood flow to the scar and regulate collagen production, a vital component in repairing your skin at the wound site. Consult with your physician before attempting this kind of treatment.


Even GrannyMed concedes that the effectiveness of aloe vera and gotu kola as herbal treatments for scars is rather speculative and no reference is made to them as being possible natural treatments for keloid scars. Likewise, aloe vera is not mentioned as a treatment for any form of scar at medical website


For effective keloid treatment of your keloids, AOCD recommends clinical methods. Your scar can be reduced in size via liquid nitrogen freezing or with the injection of cortisone hormones, which will break down connective tissues. Although risky in patients with hereditary keloids, a specialist may also attempt to surgically remove the scar. In some cases this will cause regrowth of an even bigger keloid. This can be preempted with the use of localized X-rays at the scar site, with 85 percent effectiveness.


Due to the stubbornness of keloids scars, their sometimes aggressive growth and the failure of even some clinical methods at treating them, it is unlikely that a natural or home-based remedy will be effective for your keloids.

If you believe you are prone to keloid scarring it is best to avoid lifestyle choices like piercings or tattoos and consult your doctor immediately after any sort of skin injury.

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