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How To Treat Back Acne

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 Teens and adults the world over are facing a growing occurrence of this skin disorder called acne. As people flock to the medical fraternity for treatment of this growing skin menace a lot of information about acne is becoming available for analysts and scientists who are working hard to come up with better ways to effectively treat the condition. Most people think of acne as a condition that affects the face, this is probably because acne is mostly seen on the face of a person. The truth is that acne can also affect the back, neck chest and hands of a person as well.

Just as it is common to the face acne also erupts on the back and chest and seldom on the neck of a patient. When acne develops on he back it is very difficult to treat mostly because of the toughness of the skin on the back. There are different products to treat acne on the back for this reason. Another reason for the difficulty of treating acne on the back is that the skin on the back is in constant contact with some clothing at all times of the day and night. This irritates the condition making it harder to treat.

The cause of acne is the secretion of excessive skin oils by the cells of the skin causing the pores of the skin to clog and develop pustules and pimples. As prevention is better than cure it is advisable to prevent acne anywhere rather than have to treat the condition. Especially so when it occurs on the back.

It is important to stick to a regular cleansing routine. Keep cleaning the affected area at least three times a day. You should use a cleanser and a moisturizing lotion. Glycolic acid is a good enough cleaner and works well because it does not leave the skin too dry while it does remove the excessive oils from the skin. While keeping to the cleansing routine one must try to access what is irritating the acne on the back. There are a few things that could aggravate an acne condition on the back:

1. Wearing heavy back packs causing abrasion on the shoulders and back.

2. Certain types of clothing you wear could also irritate acne.

3. Sun and heat could be affecting the condition.

4. Rain or sweat could be another irritant.

If you regularly wear a heavy backpack and you notice an aggravated state of your condition try to switch to a shoulder bag or hand bag for some time and look out for improvements in the condition. If there is none then the irritation is caused by some other condition. Perhaps certain types of clothing or materials may not be suiting your acne condition. Experiment by changing your style of clothes. Wear more airy clothing to facilitate better circulation of air over the affected area. Wear cotton clothes that are non-abrasive. Keep out of the sun as much as possible. Radiation from the sun is a known irritant of acne. Rain and sweat are also known to be the two main culprits that aggravate acne on the back so try to keep your back as dry as possible.

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