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Tips on Getting Rid of Blackheads

Tips on Getting Rid of Blackheads Tips on Getting Rid of Blackheads Tips on Getting Rid of Blackheads

Also called an open comedone, blackheads are the first stages of a pimple before bacteria gets into the pore. Acne forms when sebaceous glands produce oils that build up and clog hair follicles. For a blackhead to occur, oil obstructs the pore, and when exposed to air, it turns black. According to Medical News Today, people with oily skin are likely to develop blackheads. Cosmetics and topical lotions can also cause these types of pimples.

Cleanse Skin

The formation of a blackhead starts beneath the surface of skin, meaning it can't be seen until it's too late to prevent. Keeping skin clean is one way to stop blackheads from forming and helps clear existing pimples. Washing skin with ordinary soap and water works by cleaning the excess oil, which is called sebum and is produced by the sebaceous glands. Researchers in Tokyo published an article in the 2007 issue of "Society of Physiological Anthropology" indicating that people who took a shower in the morning kept sebum production at bay for hours throughout the day.


Extracting a blackhead should always be done using sterile tools and in a clean environment. Only attempt to extract a blackhead if there is no sign of infection or irritation around the blemish. Medical News Today suggests holding your head over a pot of steam for several minutes to open pores. Use a flat blackhead extractor, available at pharmacies, to remove the built-up oil in the pore. You can sterilize the extractor by letting it soak in alcohol or boiling it in water for several minutes.

The most common blackhead extractor, according to Acne Talks, is the lancet: a tool with two ends. One end has a sharp spike to make a hole in the pore and the other end is used to remove the clogged debris.

Blackhead Strips

Blackhead strips are a type of tape safe to use on skin. A 1999 study done by the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Dermatology found that blackhead strips were especially effective for removing fibers and dark, clogged pores on the nose. Study participants had no inflammatory reactions or tenderness after treatments and satisfaction was high. The Beauty Brains, a website founded by cosmetic scientists, reports that blackhead strips are very successful at removing blackheads on the nose, but they do not prevent blackheads from forming.

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