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How to Extract a Blackhead Properly

How to Extract a Blackhead Properly How to Extract a Blackhead Properly How to Extract a Blackhead Properly


Few people go through life without getting a blackhead or two, but the good news is blackheads can be easily removed. Since a poorly executed job of extracting a blackhead can result in permanent damage to the skin, it is important that you know how to extract a blackhead properly. Blackhead extraction can be performed with ease, but if a blackhead has been sitting in a pore for a long time, it may need extra attention.

Step 1

Clean area where blackhead is located with soap or liquid cleanser, rubbing the area gently with ends of fingers. Rinse the area well with warm water.

Step 2

Point facial vaporizer at blackhead (18 inches away) and steam for about 10 minutes. If you will be using a washcloth instead, saturate the washcloth with very warm water, wring it out and place it over the blackhead. Leave washcloth on blackhead until it starts to feel cool.

Step 3

Place one cotton pad in solution of 1 cup warm water and 1 tsp. of baking soda, then squeeze out pad and place over blackhead. Remove cotton pad when five to six minutes have elapsed.

Step 4

Take two thin strips of cotton and wrap each strip around each index finger, then position index fingers so that blackhead is in the middle of index fingers. Press index fingers down on skin gently and push fingers toward blackhead to help ease blackhead out of pore. Lift index fingers off of skin, reposition them around blackhead and press down again in the same manner. Continue to reposition the index fingers and gently press down until the blackhead finally slides out of the pore.

Step 5

Pour a few drops of astringent onto another cotton pad and wipe area from which blackhead was removed.

Step 6

Apply oil-balancing moisturizer to the area.

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