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Information on Blackheads

Information on Blackheads Information on Blackheads


As a member of the acne family, blackheads are unwanted visitors who spend most of their time hanging out on your nose, cheeks and other areas of the face. Knowing what blackheads are and how to treat them can help you gain more confidence over your appearance and put your best face forward in every occasion.


Blackheads are a form of acne known as "comedones." They take the appearance of small, black dots about the size of a skin pore on your skin. They may come in clumps or as individual spots on different areas of the skin, and especially on the nose and eyebrow area -- also known as the "T" zone -- where skin is more oily.


Blackheads and other forms of acne make it difficult to be confident in one's appearance, especially for teenagers, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Besides the physical effects, acne can affect the self-esteem, a person's personality, social life and overall confidence. Teenagers are more prone to acne because of the increased levels of hormones that produce higher levels of oil secretion on the face.


Blackheads come about as the result of open pores on the skin's surface, which are then filled with dirt, grime and dead skin cells that create the black appearance. Failure to keep the surface of the skin clean and clear combined with oily, scaly skin are typical causes of blackheads.


While some people are just more prone to developing blackheads due to open pores, you can minimize the effects of blackheads by using different types of tools to remove them. A blackhead removal tool features a rounded edge with a hole in the middle that is pressed up against the blackhead to force the material out of the clogged pore. Pore strips use adhesive to bind the skin and pull out the material when the strip is applied to the skin.


The key to preventing blackheads from ever occurring in the first place is keeping the skin clear and dry. Washing your face once or twice a day with a standard anti-bacterial face wash and applying astringent will help rid your face of not just bacteria, but the dirt, grime and oil that clogs your pores and causes the blackheads to show up on the skin. Avoiding heavy makeup, especially overnight, can help keep your pores clear and free of buildup as well, according to

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