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Tips to Remove Hair on the Ear

Tips to Remove Hair on the Ear Tips to Remove Hair on the Ear Tips to Remove Hair on the Ear

Men's personal grooming uses similar products and services that women have been relying on for years. Men that participate in sports such as cycling or swimming have been removing body hair for some time. Getting rid of unsightly ear hair has joined the grooming routine of many men, especially as they age. Hair removal should be a daily or weekly addition to any man's grooming routine each morning, once the problem occurs.


When it comes to keeping body hair short, electric trimmers work well, according to Ask Men, a website dedicated to answering questions on a variety of issues, such as hair removal. Look for an electric model designed for body hair other then the face. There is no need for shaving cream, and it is best used for the outer portion of the ear, especially the lobe.


For hair that is growing from within the ear, use tweezers to pluck individual hairs. Be sure to grab each hair close to the root, or bottom of the hair, as to not leave anything behind. If tweezing alone, be sure to use a mirror. If you have a partner, it is best to allow her to do the plucking for you.

Depilatory Creams

The use of depilatory creams is an easy solution to rid you of unsightly ear hairs. It is important to ensure you are not allergic to any ingredients contained in the cream. Before actual hair removal use, try applying a very small amount to your skin, and read the active ingredients listed on the product label.


Products such as Nair will melt away the hair, but be careful. This is for the outside of the ear, as these products can harm your hearing, sometimes permanently, if it enters the ear canal. In addition, check the active ingredients for allergy triggers.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is a permanent solution to the ear hair problem, and is the most expensive. In addition, it requires some commitment as several visits are required to rid you of the problem. Before resorting to this solution, try one or more of the less dramatic solution, such as trimmers

Other Devices

Scissors can be used on the inner ear, especially if you have never trimmed the hair, or it has been some time since the last session. Be sure the scissors are designed for precision, and are hair specific. A beauty shop will have these in stock. Nose and hair specific trimmers, some with directional lights, work very well at getting both inner and outer hair follicles without much fuss or practice, and are inexpensive.

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