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How to Prevent Baby Acne

How to Prevent Baby Acne How to Prevent Baby Acne


Your baby's smooth skin may be disrupted by red and white pustules in the first month or two of his life. You might be alarmed at the change in skin, but pediatricians know that this is a normal occurrence. The Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital notes that baby acne is caused by a change in hormones soon after the birth of your baby. Because it is completely hormonal, you may see your baby's acne flare up for a week or two, and soon disappear. You may prevent or lessen it by keeping your baby's skin cleansed.

Step 1

Cleanse your baby's skin daily with warm water and a washcloth, suggests the Mayo Clinic. Although baby acne is hormonal and not a problem of unclean skin, the daily washing can serve to wash away the excess oil, which is caused by the change in hormones, so that baby acne is less prevalent.

Step 2

Avoid applying acne creams or lotions to your baby's face, warns the Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital. These creams are not formulated for baby's sensitive skin and could cause serious irritation.

Step 3

Refrain from poking or picking at your baby's acne. Not only can picking at it hurt your baby, but it can also make the acne worse and cause it to become infected from the bacteria on your fingers. Never use any instrument to pick at it.

Step 4

Wait for the baby acne to disappear on its own, recommends Pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene of Baby acne usually is mild, and only lasts for three to four weeks.

Step 5

Schedule an appointment with your doctor if your baby's acne doesn't seem to get better after two months. He may prescribe a mild topical ointment to help it heal.

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