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Adult Acne Adult Acne Adult Acne

 Being the dreaded disorder of the skin that it is, acne has forced many an individual, teenager and adult alike to carry the scar and burden of infection for many years without any sign of letting up. In face it can recur if not treated properly. Many a teenager has discovered that after years of suffering from acne and finally getting rid of the disorder they wake up years later to find red bumps on their face. these bumps begin to spread quickly and they never know the reason why acne returned to torment them once again.

People are beginning to realize that adult acne is a disorder that is more common than perceived in the past. It is believed that more than five percent of acne patients are adults well past their twentieth year. Some of them are nearer their fortieth year. Adult acne is not only confined to the facial areas of the skin but can also make its presence known on the back, neck and on the hands as well.

There are three main sources of acne, or rather three reasons why some individuals are more prone to acne than others. We list here three of the main reasons for acne to strike any one. This may be a start for you to understand the treatment and prevention of acne.

Hormones: the first source of acne

Hormones may sometimes seem to be worth more trouble than they are worth. A little shift in the aging process of an individual and the hormones go into over drive causing glands al over the place to react. Some of these glands take their hormonal instructions a little too seriously and begin to excrete more oil into the skin than is actually required. Experts are still groping in the dark as to why hormonal changes cause these oil glands to flood the system with their oily substance. Fortunately enough they have managed to produce a cure for this cause of acne by controlling the hormonal shifts. One common way for treating adult acne in women is the contraceptive pill that controls hormones in their system.

In the process of groping in the dark and deciding (or discovering) that contraceptive pills cure acne in women, scientists have come to the conclusion that he substance 'retinoids' are the reason that clogged pores get cleared, in effect clearing acne as well.

Stress: Second source of Acne

Another great way to get yourself a bout of acne is to really stress yourself out mentally. Now don’t go about blaming yourself for the stress in your life the world is quite good at producing >many reasons for your stress. There are bill to be paid, children to take care of, your teenager daughters acne problem and what not. Keep up the stress levels and you are surely going to get an acne treat. Stress in the system triggers the secretion of a hormone called cortisol. This cortisol causes the body to secrets a whole army of hormones that result in the cells developing infections. So if you find your face developing some stress bumps, relax, get rid of the stress, go on a vacation.

Many people who discover the zits on their skin will do well to de-stress, bathe thrice a day, relax and unwind. It may be a good idea to run like the devil to your skin specialist too.

Those Beauty Products: Source Number Three

People tend to over do it with the grooming products in the market. Acne is mainly caused by excessively oily skin and applying creams and skin applicants like foundation etc will only speed them on their way to an attack of acne. These products block pores in the skin and prevent the natural cleansing process. The accumulation of oils within the pores attract bacteria that develops into acne. It is advisable to use products that are noncomedogenic that are oil free this is especially true to your moisturizer.

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