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How to Heal Acne Spots

How to Heal Acne Spots How to Heal Acne Spots How to Heal Acne Spots


Acne is a common problem that plagues individuals of all ages. Breakouts are caused by an over production of oil, excess skin cells and bacteria on the skin's surface, notes Hormonal changes also have an effect on acne, so teenagers and women experiencing pregnancy or menstruation can be more susceptible. Acne can be treated in several ways; it's just a matter of choosing the right solution for you.

Step 1

Use an over-the-counter lotion. Apply an over-the-counter lotion to help to kill bacteria, encourage the shedding of skin cells and dry up oil. When choosing a product, start with one that contains benzoyl peroxide because it is tolerated by most people, states

Step 2

Avoid picking at affected areas. Picking at acne blemishes can worsen the condition and may cause scarring and infection, notes

Step 3

Clean problem areas with gentle products. Washing skin with harsh cleansers, scrubs or astringents can irritate acne and worsen the problem.

Step 4

Treat skin with milder products first to avoid irritation and redness. Increase the strength and frequency of your applications slowly over several weeks so your skin can adjust, according to

Step 5

Give yourself time to see results. It can take four to eight weeks before you see an improvement, states

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