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How to Use Niacin Cream for Scars

How to Use Niacin Cream for Scars How to Use Niacin Cream for Scars How to Use Niacin Cream for Scars


They say that scars are a road map of where we've been, but not many people want to walk around looking like a road map. Aside from cosmetic surgery, there isn't much you can do to reduce skin scarring. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that niacin skin creams can help reduce acne scars, but according to the Mayo Clinic and the National Institutes of Health, the benefits of niacinamide in skin care need to be further studied before recommendations are made. Niacin scar creams are available without a prescription.

Step 1

Wash your scar thoroughly with antibacterial soap. Don't scrape or rub it too harshly, or you'll cause inflammation.

Step 2

Rinse your scar thoroughly with clear, warm water. Dry with a clean towel. Don't rub; pat it gently.

Step 3

Squeeze a small bit of niacin cream onto your scar and massage it into the scar and the area surrounding it. Read the label for information on how often to use it, because the concentration of niacin is different from brand to brand.

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