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Acne - Not Just A Teenager's Nightmare!

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 Though acne is associated with adolescence the fact is that it is more prevalent in adults than just teenagers. It has observed that a majority of teenagers who have suffered from attacks of acne are not easily affected by the malady. If you thought that acne was only for teenagers then prepare to be surprised when you actually discover the number of adults battling this ugly skin disorder all over the world.

The many physical, psychological and behavioral effects acne has on teenagers and adults alike are common allover the world and are the cause of a great many problems being faced by those people affected by this disorder. Recent research has disclosed that the disorder is on an upward swing in adults though the exact cause is not known as yet.

The physical and psychological effects of acne are long-lasting irrespective of when acne strikes its victim. Acne can strike in adolescence and last long enough to see one through to adulthood or for the more fortunate ones it might decide to just up and leave within a few weeks or months of discomforting the afflicted. Acne can also strike when the person is over 30 so beware, nip the disorder in the bud by consulting a dermatologist as early as possible.

Skin experts are of the opinion that when acne strikes in an adult the effects are very long lasting and can also leave permanent scars since the skin loses collagen due to aging, which finds it difficult to recuperate from the disorder and so has to contend with permanent scars caused by acne.

A common misconception with the more devastating psychological scarring caused by acne is that adults are better equipped to handle the disorder and so can handle the adverse social effects of acne than most of our teenagers are. In actuality the effects of these psychological scars are more severe than believed. Because acne is believed to be a disorder associated with teenagers and adolescence many adults find it difficult to admit that they are afflicted by acne. This makes it more difficult to manage in early stages where it can be effectively treated.

Times are changing for the better with more research proving that the many beliefs surrounding acne are more misconceptions than facts. This is allowing many people to seek timely help from medical practitioners and dermatologists including beauticians many of whom prescribe medication that are known to effectively treat acne in the early stages. There is a plethora of information available about acne and this is a great help in removing the many misconceptions about this disorder.

It is not like acne will last a lifetime. Acne will vanish ultimately even without treatment, though this may take a very long time. When one discovers the onset of acne they should seek timely help from a qualified dermatologist and follow the advice given to the 'T'. This will help in relieving acne earlier and without the many discomforts associated with the disorder.

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