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Acne Myths

Acne Myths Acne Myths Acne Myths

 Understanding what causes acne in the first place is an important step towards curing it. But it is easy to get caught up in the acne myths and avoid things that really have no relationship with your acne. Here are some of the more commons acne myths.

Acne Myth #1 - A Tan is Good for Your Acne

It is commonly myth that getting a tan can clear up your skin. Although it will cover up the redness, getting a tan does not help your acne clear up at all. In fact, the skin damage that can be caused by over-tanning can actually make your acne worse or complicate the healing process, as well as lead to more serious skin problems down the road.

Acne Myth #2 - French Fries Give You Acne

Since acne is caused by excess oils in your skin, it only makes sense that eating greasy foods or eating chocolate can cause acne, right? This is absolutely a myth. It has been scientifically proven many times that what you eat has no connection to your acne breakouts. So don't stop eating your favorite foods just because of an acne outbreak. It really doesn't effect your skin either way.

Acne Myth #3 - Washing a Lot Helps

While washing your face is an important part of controlling any acne, over-washing your face can strip your skin of essential oils and moisture. This will cause your skin to become irritated and dry, leaving it more susceptible to the infections that cause acne. The irritation will also slow the healing process of any existing acne. Washing is important, just don't overdo it!

Acne Myth #4 - Popping Your Pimples Clears Them Up

Again, while it may make sense to "clear out" the bacteria by popping a pimple, in reality this practice will push the bacteria deeper into the skin and leave open wounds where the pimple was. This can lead to secondary infections and scars, while furthering the spread of acne-causing bacteria at the same time. Devices that are made to help pop pimples or extract blackheads run the same risks of scarring. Don't pop those pimples!

Acne Myth #5 - Don't Wear Makeup

There are many other acne myths out there. Understanding what causes acne and what not to do are important steps in treating your acne. If in doubt, or in severe cases, talk to your dermatologist about possible acne causes and treatments.

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